Biosix, Belgagri, and Aedes-Protecta unite under Armosa

At Armosa, we secure nature’s balance for its own and our sakes.

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We keep nature at its best

Not everything that comes naturally is desirable. Whether it’s mice in your house or malaria-carrying mosquitoes in tropical and subtropical regions, sometimes nature itself is the problem.

That’s where we come in, by stopping such problems with effective solutions. By inventing, manufacturing and delivering them to professionals worldwide, we take responsibility for ourselves and for future generations.

One name.
One shared ambition.

Armosa is the new name for everything that the Biosix/Belgagri/Aedes-Protecta group does, demonstrating our shared ambition and international leadership in pest management.

Over the next few years, Armosa will have an even sharper focus on innovation to develop effective and alternative solutions suitable for a global market.

Our new name, Armosa, refers to protection and harmony, with a nod to our headquarters next to the River Meuse here in Belgium. A name that can be used in many languages ​​and which evokes what we stand for: effectiveness, service, simplicity and leadership.

About Armosa

We’re a market leader and expert in pest management. With over 800 registrations worldwide held by Armosa Tech, we make a great global partner which can adapt its solutions to local needs.

We’re here to restore nature’s balance when it needs a helping hand. Our products protect what we eat, avoid diseases and prevent pests. Helping both mankind and nature to flourish.

From R&D to go-to-market

With the help of our R&D centre and a close collaboration with other renowned research centres, Armosa aims to achieve an integrated and effective total offer suited to changing pest management needs.

Supported by a strong sales and distribution network, we deliver our products to service providers and professional suppliers all over the world. From France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain and Turkey through Mexico, and as far afield as Australia.
In addition to our products, Armosa has great services to offer:

  • Homologation
  • Licensing
  • Training for
  • R&D innovation lab
  • Technical support and expert advice

Professionals’ preferred partner

Thanks to our expert team and personal service, we’re the professionals’ preferred partner. By providing them with the newest pest solutions, homologations and technical advice, together we can protect people, animals and plants against pests.

This is what our partners can expect from us:

We provide balance

People and nature seek balance, our products help.

We’re thorough

We only offer solutions that work.

We innovate

We collaborate closely with (inter)national research partners.

We take pest management personally

We listen to and guide our partners on a personal level.

We’re hands-on

We do what needs to be done.

The most complete offer in pest management

Armosa supports users and their suppliers with effective global solutions in a wide array of fields:

  • home & garden
  • livestock
  • agro-
  • professional
    pest management

We deliver the most complete offer to professionals under our new brand, Armosa. Our trusted brands for home and garden remain unchanged:

How can we help?

We’re interested to hear what you think about pest management. Get to know us by contacting one of our representatives.

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